Register description

The Privacy Policy in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99) 10 §

1. Registrar

Hautauspalvelu Kaarna Oy, company-ID 2824653-9

2. The Registry Officer

Jarmo Hakonen,

3. Registry name

Hautauspalvelu Kaarna Oy, Web site order register.

4. Purpose of the register

Hautauspalvelu Kaarna Oy's website allows customers to order funeral arrangements.
Personal data is used to manage customer relationships, check credit information for
invoicing and for statistical purposes.

5. Information contained in the register

  •  Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Telephone/mobile number
  • Ordering Information
  • Information related to customer relationship management by the customer

6. Sources of information in the register

The register collects the information provided by the customer in connection with product

7. Disclosure of information

Customer information may be disclosed within the limits permitted and mandated by the
law in force.

8. The principle of protecting the registry

The information systems and files are protected by the technical protection methods
normally used in the business. Access to the register requires a personal username and
password that are only granted to a registrar's staff whose status and duties are associated
with the access.

9. The right of inspection

In accordance with Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, the data subject has the right to check what
information related to him has been stored in this personal register. The request for verification must
be sent in writing and signed to:

Hautauspalvelu Kaarna Oy
Leppämäentie 2 B
02820 Espoo